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We are Child Charity Network Worldwide. We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future are the most important issues we face during our lifetime.

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Fundraising Program

We are dedicated to improving lives and building a future for poor children

Save the Children

To improve the quality of life and every child attains the right to survival

Clean Water Program

Our vision is to provide clean water in the developing world to save lives

Recent Causes

See the latest causes of our charity organization and raise your helping hand

Donate For Homeless

Help The Homeless makes grants to charitable organisations with the aim of helping homeless people return
Raised: $1,000.00
Goal: $8,600.00

Clean Water For Poor

663 million people drink dirty water. Learn how access to clean water can improve health, boost local economies
Raised: $500.00
Goal: $5,600.00

Donate For Food

Help The Homeless makes grants to charitable organisations with the aim of helping homeless people return
Raised: $0.00
Goal: $7,500.00

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Happy Volunteers

We feel very proud because we have almost 120+ volunteers are working around the world



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We always consider peoples and our donor’s motivitional words and their thought

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Trusted Partners Worldwide

We are very greatful and feel honoured to our all partners for being with us